Xcode Build Settings / 2020-01-10

整理的一份Xcode 11.3 Build Settings推荐配置,对于减小包大小和性能优化有一定帮助。

一,Build Options

Debug Information Format

  • Debug:DWARF
  • Release:DWARF with dSYM file

Enable Bitcode = Yes


Deployment Postprocessing

Deployment Postprocessing是Deployment部分的开关,建议Release模式下设置为Yes,Debug设置为No。

Strip Debug Symbols During copy = Yes

Strip Linked Product = Yes

Strip Style = All Symbols

Strip Swift Symbols = Yes


Dead Code Stripping = Yes

四,Apple Clang - Code Generation

Debug Information Level = Compiler Default

Generate Debug Symbols = Yes

Link-Time Optimization

  • Debug:No
  • Release:Incremental

Optimization Level

  • Debug:None
  • Release:Fastest、Smallest[-Os]

Symbols Hidden by Default = Yes

五,Swift Compiler - Code Generation

Compilation Mode

  • Debug:Incremental-增量编译
  • Release:Whole Module-全模块编译

Optimization Level

  • Debug:No Optimization
  • Release:Optimize for Speed


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